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Workpackage Dissemination

Strategy and plans:


- We suggest that we use existing networks c.q. platforms for the dissemination of UDL Philosophy and best practices so as not to loose valuable time. Therefore we will systematically ask partners to supply info about their network of schools and other educational partners.

- We will use our own regional, national and global network as an example: 

  • Region: in  Friesland we have a substantial network of professional development schools, both primary, secondary and vocational that we will use for the purpose of UDL Dissemination
  • NHL University of Applied Sciences : we will implement the principles of UDL in our teacher training programmes, both primary and secondary.
  • Our President and Management have already shown their interest in implementing UDL as a blueprint for new curricular developments.

- Myschoolsnetwork will be further developed based on the principles of UDL. A first pilot has already been carried out in the NHL Language department. In this way a strategy for cross-border dissemination may be developed.


- Our communication experts will develop an online tool and newsletter to collect data, to inform and to disseminate. We will start by researching the possibilities to link the new UDL tools to existing ones.