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Meeting 6 : Network meeting Leeuwarden


Planned (see page for Dublin meeting)

  • Organisation of the UDL-based Big Event (20 teachers involved and 500 students)
  • Introductory UDL course for teachers and student teachers (1EC)
  • Online course Blended Learning course (UDL-based) for HE Faculty members
  • UDL contest for inservice student teachers
  • Presentation in Brussels in february 2016 at VELOVVELON conference
  • new UDL-based website on E-pedagogy and digital literacy
Done : 

- Big Event "Water" (initiated and funded by European Commission)

- Introductory 1EC UDL course 

  • developed and launched
  • piloted with 13 in-service student teachers and teachers (13 evaluation forms)

- Online Course Blended Learning done


- UDL contest in-service student teachers


- Presentation Brussels Velon done plus evaluated


- New UDL-based website on E-pedagogy and digital literacy (http://kennisbasisict.iminor.nl/ )


- Furthermore :

  • Workshop on UDL with staff of new school looking for ways to personalize the learning process of their pupils (22-2-2016) 8 evaluation forms
  • Workshop on evaluation results UDL-based module for 180 preservice student teachers (10 staff members plus evaluation forms)
  • Evaluation among students teachers participating in UDL-based module
  • Evaluation minor program in-service student teachers (14 online response)
  • Online course on Learning Outcomes ("Firm goals - Flexible Means")
  • Workshop at METU university Ankara on UDL