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Meeting 5 : Network meeting Dublin

Activities WP 6 - NHL Universitiy of Applied Sciences

General :


  • Translation Manual Repository 
  • Translation Interface Repository
  • WP6 contribution Validation Plan
  • Upload original GPs in repository: 5
  • Translation of Existing GPs in repository : 5
  • Planned : at least two "horizontal" c.q. generic GP's

WP6 : Dissemination (and Validation)


 Done :

  • Zigzag leaflet
  • Launch UDL-based InnovationLab.nhl.nl learning platform for higher education
  • Course UDL (5EC) implemented in curriculum
  • Pilot UDL-based course "Teaching Profession visualized" 180 student teachers + 10 lecturers
  • National Dutch dissemination event at "Handicap and Study" (Dutch organization for Higher Education) on 10th June (50 professionals)
  • UDLredesign sessions with language teachers Stenden University of Applied Sciences.
  • UDL redesign sessions with lecturers educational science NHL. plus online course Blended Learning
  • I-minor (30 EC) redesigned on the basis of UDL and Design Thinking Principles (43 student teachers plus 4 lecturers)
  • UDL Guest lectures by dr. Barbara Schwartz-Bechet on 
    - relationship learning outcomes and DT/UDL (also available online)
    - how to create UDL-based online content (also available online) 
  • Submitted :  Journal : http://www.tdjournal.itd.cnr.it/norme"Design Thinking, Universal Design, & Distance/Mobile Education: Impact on Learning" by Barbara SchwartzBechet, Roelien Wierda, Ron Barendsen. 
  • Social Media UDLnet
Planned :
  • Organisation of the UDL-based Big Event (20 teachers involved and 500 students)
  • Introductory UDL course for teachers and student teachers (1EC)
  • Online course Blended Learning course (UDL-based) for HE Faculty members
  • UDL contest for inservice student teachers
  • Presentation in Brussels in february 2016 at VELOVVELON conference
  • New UDL-based website on E-pedagogy and digital literacy