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Introducing ourselves

Ron Barendsen and Roelien Wierda:



We are teacher educators, specializing in technology enhanced education. Besides, Roelien is specialized in Foreign Language Teaching whereas Ron specializes Social Sciences and Educational Sciences.


All our actions are motivated by the conviction that students deserve the best education possible i.e. strengths-based, competency-driven, flexible, inclusive and with a high degree of authenticity. Technology is increasingly a conditio sine qua non.


Some examples of what we do :

- co-authors of national e-pedagogy competency base

- coordination of e-pedagogy assessment.

- coordination of i-minor

- development of (open) educational resources

- coordination online peer consultation student teachers

- MySchoolsNetwork

- Training programs e-skills for NHL-personel, secondary and primary school staff

- International projects in e.g. Vietnam and US





Yvonne Hoekstra:


I am communication advisor for MySchoolsNetwork. For UDL-Net I will design and create the communication style and the different communication tools such as the newsletter.