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Introducing NHL Leeuwarden




With approximately 13,000 students, NHL University is a medium-sized university of applied sciences, offering higher professional education programmes which prepare you for particular professions. Universities of applied sciences are more practically oriented than research universities. Students who successfully complete the programmes are awarded a Bachelor's degree, and for some programmes there is an option to continue studying and obtain a Master's Degree. 

The different institutes
The NHL offers a wide range of study programmes in a variety of fields. The NHL has four institutes:

 the Institute of Healthcare and Welfare, the Institute of Technology, the Institute of Education and Communication and the Institute for Business and Management Studies. Together the institutes offer about 50 Bachelor's degree programmes. For exchange students there's a great variety of courses to choose from.

Since 2010 all the institutes of the university are combined at one location on the new campus. By concentrating on one location, the NHL has created a new, modern and dynamic learning environment for students and employees. It has state-of-the-art equipment ,modern study areas, two cafés, a great restaurant for food and drinks, a theatre, an internet lounge, sports facilities and various experience labs.