UDL on the fly

Introduction Step 1 Nicosia Workshop Step 2 step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 : weblecture by Dr. Barbara Schwartz-Bechet Evaluation and rubric Sources


Course contents :

In the course of this module you will familiarize yourself with the principles of Universal Design for learning and learn to implement them in your daily teaching practice.


When you have finished this module you will be able to redesign (part of) your curriculum on the basis of a thorough analysis of your target group, school context, relevant background literature and other relevant sources.

Organization : 


You will use the UDL-framework to check whether and to what extent the existing curriculum of your (placement) school is already UDL-proof and where there is still room for improvement. It is vital that you know your target group and its individual members well!


You may stay in touch with your peers and lecturers via the MySchoolsNetwork comment boxes at the bottom of the module pages.

Important : in order to do so you need an account on MySchoolsNetwork and you need to be signed in.


Your lecturers :

dr. Barbara Schwartz-Bechet

Ron Barendsen MEd

drs. Roelien Bos-Wierda




Sources :





For this module we recommend the use the multimedia book  'Universal Design for Learning; Theory and Practice' (Meyer, Rose e.a., 2014). 

You can make a free account via http://udltheorypractice.cast.org/login , which will give you access to the full text, videos, interviews etc.


The paper version of the book can be ordered via Amazon.com