MySchoolsNetwork; a window on the world

MySchoolsNetwork is a safe and free online, educational platform broadening the horizons of pupils, students and teachers all over the world. The platform was founded to support digital literacy, global citizenship and authentic language learning in primary and secondary education.

MySchoolsNetwork was founded in 2008 by a group of teacher educators and student teachers to meet the demand for an authentic learning environment for young learners. Teachers in the Netherlands and Vietnam had indicated that their students lacked an opportunity to practice their language skills by communicating with peers in other parts of the world. As these teachers put it “Can you give my pupils a window on the world?”

Over the years MySchoolsNetwork has developed into an innovative framework platform where pupils, students and teachers all over the world can communicate with each other. Our educational philosophy is based on the deep conviction that every learner is unique and that diversity is the norm. For this reason the principles of Universal Design for Learning are guiding the development of both the platform and its content.

Key features

  • Secure platform, moderated by (student) teachers
  • No advertisements
  • Personal profiles
  • Weekly online competitions and creative tasks
  • Annual international Big Event
  • Common language is English
  • Events and projects in minority and other languages
  • Possibility for teachers and students to create portfolio’s, websites, blogs and wikis
  • Chatrooms and twitter wall
  • Educational content and lesson plans