Jikky van der Vaart

MySchoolsNetwork user

I met my best friend by joining MySchoolsNetwork. Six years ago my high school joined MySchoolsNetwork. I loved to talk to other people. After graduating high school every one of my class left MySchoolsNetwork. Not me, I kept in contact with one friend. Huong Luu from Vietnam. We shared a lot of hobbies and interests. The love for teaching is something we share as well.

Now, six years later we chat every day. We became best friends. My friend is an English teacher and I’m a primary school teacher. My students are communicating with her students in English. Maybe in the future they will join MySchoolsNetwork too.

MySchoolsNetwork is a great website to communicate with people from around the world. Thanks to MySchoolsNetwork I met my best friend in Vietnam. We are making plans to visit each other in the future.

“True friends are never apart. Maybe in distance, but never in heart”

With love, Jikky