Gerard Veldhuis

teacher Wilhelminaschool (primary school)

More than two years ago we started with MySchoolsNetwork, prior to which we had already started with English in all grades. I notice that MySchoolsNetwork fits really well in our approach of the English language, especially in the higher grades. We work with events or projects on MySchoolsNetwork. The platform MySchoolsNetwork offers the pupils the possibility to really actively use the English language”, in combination with the English language lessons.

For my pupils MySchoolsNetwork is a place where they can express themselves, a place where they can discover what to do with the language. The pupils are often enthusiastic when they can work with MySchoolsNetwork, often it’s also a part of the weekly assignment”. The motivation of the pupils comes from communicating with children from other countries and the feedback they receive, which they really need.

As a teacher I do not only work with MySchoolsNetwork during the subjects Frisian and English, but also with other subjects for a change. Besides that I also see the advantages of MySchoolsNetwork regarding internalisation and working with ‘21st century skills’. Finally the Big Event; this is an annual event. Last year we participated in the Big Event and this year we will certainly be there again!