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What is MySchoolsNetwork?

MySchoolsNetwork is an online, educational platform for pupils, students and teachers all around the world; a secure social platform where pupils learn to communicate in English about their hobbies and interests in an authentic setting. At the same time they will learn about other, sometimes far-away, cultures and thus work on their global citizenship. An important additional feature is that student teachers can practice their tutoring skills on MySchoolsNetwork by giving feedback to pupils.

All MySchoolsNetwork members have their own personal profile which they can update and personalize. Every four weeks there are one or more events; an event is an online competition around a (cultural) theme. Pupils and students are invited to participate and use the voting tool to decide who the winner is.
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Schools and Universities all around the world are invited to join our international online learning community. So, if your school or University is interested in joining MySchoolsNetwork, please use our form below.



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  • "For me, the best thing of MySN is getting to know pupils in a different way and to see how people from all over the world communicate."
    Frank Scholten - Moderator of MySN, the Netherlands
  • "This is a very useful website and I will try to attend every event that is held on this site."
    T.N. - Teacher at Foreign Language Faculty - Thainguyen University, Vietnam
  • "I'm very happy to see my "new" pupils on the site! They are very eager to start... "
    Ellis Boom - Teacher at VMBO De Krijtenburg, the Netherlands
  • "I think this is a very nice site and there are a lot of nice children and teachers on this site, i try to make contact with the most."
    A.P.H. - Pupil at Dockinga De Finne, the Netherlands
  • "I was just wondering... will we still have MySchoolsNetwork once we have graduated?"
    T.Y. - Pupil at The Sezin School, Turkey

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