We will be offline from approximately 21:00 (UTC) on Thursday 27 September until Friday 28 September to launch the completely new version of MySchoolsNetwork! More detailed info will follow. Stay tuned!

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MySchoolsNetwork; a window on the world

MySchoolsNetwork is a safe and free online, educational platform broadening the horizons of pupils, students and teachers all over the world. The platform was founded to support digital literacy, global citizenship and authentic language learning in primary and secondary education.

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How does MySchoolsNetwork work?

After your school has signed up for membership you will get your own school account. Personal pupils and teacher accounts will be connected to your school account. With these personal accounts pupils can connect to their peers from all over the world.

Teachers have access to everything their pupils post, send and upload. They also have access to a variety of educational content and lesson plans based on the 21st century skills.

Moderators make sure that the platforms is a safe environment for pupils to interact, collaborate and create.

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What pupils can do on MySchoolsNetwork

Complete their profiles by adding pictures, fill in their birthday, hometown, their interests and additional information.

Post shouts on the homepage and send messages to other users.

Take part in any number of the monthly events. Events are competitive creative assignments on e.g. linguistic, cultural, historical or more trivial themes.

Work on a project. A "Project Page" is a space where members can work together or by themselves. These Projects can be used as a wiki, blog, portfolio, personal website, cook book, book report, collection of stories/poems or a showcase for pictures.


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Application process

Is it your school’s ambition to provide your students with a safe and powerful international and social learning environment...

  • where they can interact and collaborate with peers all over the world and develop themselves as true global citizens;
  • where they can practice their language skills in an authentic setting;
  • where 21st century skills are the focus;
  • where there is room not only for world languages but also for minority and smaller languages?

...then MySchoolsNetwork might just be what you are looking for!

Is your school interested in participating or would you like to receive more information? Please fill out the application form.

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Mission statement

MySchoolsNetwork makes internationalization accessible to all pupils and students of all levels all over the world. It provides (trainee) teachers all over the world with a platform where they can experiment with new forms of UDL-based education and share experiences with colleagues all over the world.

MySchoolsNetwork functions as - and will be further developed into - a Worldwide learning lab (view Multilevel Innovation Model) that facilitates an open exchange of knowledge, information and experience. Diversity, mutual intercultural respect and interest are key!

Ron Barendsen

project manager

Roelien Wierda

project manager

Marco van der Kuur

developer & project manager

Myran Kleefstra


Douwe van der Leij

moderator & technical assistant

Yteke van der Meij


Harma de Vries

moderator & content manager

Frank Scholten

moderator & content manager

Martijn van Bachum


Kasha van der Poel

moderator & content manager

Yvonne Hoekstra

communications officer

Guido Bos

graphics designer