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MyschoolsNetwork is a safe online, educational platform to support digital literacy, global citizenship and authentic language learning in primary and secondary education.

Connect - collaborate - explore the world

Is it your school’s ambition to provide your students with a safe and powerful international environment...

  • Where they can interact and collaborate with peers all over the world and develop themselves as true global citizens?
  • Where they can practice their language skills in an authentic setting?
  • Where 21st century skills are the focus rather than closed book knowledge?
  • Where there is room not only for world languages but also for minority and lesser-known languages?
Then MySchoolsNetwork might be just what you are looking for!


If your school is interested in participation or if you would like to receive more information, please fill out the application form.



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  • "Thank you both for doing such an excellent job on bringing children together from around the world!"
    Dr. Barbara Schwartz-Bechet -
  • "For me, the best thing of MySN is getting to know pupils in a different way and to see how people from all over the world communicate."
    Frank Scholten - Moderator of MySN, the Netherlands
  • "This is a very useful website and I will try to attend every event that is held on this site."
    T.N. - Teacher at Foreign Language Faculty - Thainguyen University, Vietnam
  • "I'm very happy to see my "new" pupils on the site! They are very eager to start... "
    Ellis Boom - Teacher at VMBO De Krijtenburg, the Netherlands
  • "I think this is a very nice site and there are a lot of nice children and teachers on this site, i try to make contact with the most."
    A.P.H. - Pupil at Dockinga De Finne, the Netherlands

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